Yearlong thesis project for completion of the BFA in Fine Arts from Stamps School of Art and Design:
Pieces to Hold On To
This project employs processes of teaching and handicraft — two traditionally female disciplines — in a spirit of collaboration with women of the past and present. The work is the collective effort of dozens of women in my community, each of whom spent time with me during the making process to share stories of women that served as influential teachers. During our conversations, we create artifacts of prior stories through embroidery, creating a shared space for passing knowledge that is intimate, organic, and tactile. Excerpts from these conversations are collected in these embroidered pieces as a log of both the time and content shared over the series of interactions. These women’s stories are recorded in the text and images, and their hand is recorded in the stitches. Viewers are encouraged to gather around the table and interact with pieces through touch, allowing them to partake in the sharing of knowledge through tactile experience.
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