Hey, I'm Ellen.
I know this is where I'm supposed to tell you about myself, but instead, I'll just refer you to the collection of images below. These are the pictures that are tacked above my desk, taped into my sketchbook, or saved on my Desktop. In them, there are people and things that inspire me when I'm stuck in a rut, and center me when I'm feeling scattered. They'll probably do a better job of describing me than I would (click images to learn more).
PS - I currently work as a designer in Detroit at Teal Media, where I make work for nonprofits and other great causes I'm passionate about, but if you'd like to chat about a project, my email is ellenjhigh@gmail.com.

carol kaye, queen of baselines
yoko ono
seund ja rhee
                                                                    rachel hayes

katherine wolkoff

illustration by Iris Gottlieb, text by Addison, age 8 (a collaboration made possible by the amazing nonprofit 826michigan)
tarsila do amaral

miriam schapiro and judy chicago

my favorite instagram account: @everyoutfitonsatc

bill watterson

If you still need more, check out my Spotify and judge off my taste in music. 
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